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    Early Deutsches Jungvolk document set 2

    Here's another early DJ set. Theo Haase (born 23.7.19) joined the DJ as member number 17,482 on the 1st of July 1932. This was two weeks after the ban on the SA (and by association the HJ) had been lifted on the 17th of June 1932.

    DJ membership ID:

    Just short of his 14th birthday he was assigned to his local DJ unit in Hohenfelde (later named Jungenschaft Aurich) in the centre of Hamburg which would later come under Jungbann 282 Hamburg-Ost. The photo shows him wearing the second pattern DJ membership badge above the new HJ diamond.


    This must have been among the first wave of this document to have been issued to show membership of these new units. He was a member of Stamm 'Germanen'.

    DJ Leader ID:

    He was promoted to Jungzugführer in July 1934, then to Adjutant of Fähnlein 8/1/282 in 1935 before finally being promoted to Fähnleinführer of Fähnlein 2 'Cherusker' in Feb 1936.

    NSDAP membership card:

    The ban on new party members would not have applied to him anyway as he was a member of the HJ and had reached his 18th birthday but he joined the party on the 1st of September 1937.

    The other documents are his Youth Hostel leader's ID and an ID showing that he was completing an apprenticeship as an electrician under the auspices of the DAF youth office. Interestingly it also shows that he was a member of the Streifendienst.

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    lovely set there, and i have never seen the documents with first dj badge image in use before, nice to see. pete

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    Cheers Pete. I really like the early sets as these were the boys who joined a Hitler Youth which still had opposition. Both sides were prepared to kill for what they believed in and these boys lived through those times.

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    Really a nice set Pete

    Thank you for posting kamerade.

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    Interesting set.

    He died in Italy 5 December 1943 as an Unteroffizier.

    Burried at the war cemetary in Pomezia, Italy. Volksbund

    Pomezia war cemetary


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    I must get one of those early DJ id's for myself, they look great Garry.

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    Cheers guys.

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    just keep them coming garry a real treat for the eye to see

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    "Very rare Tri-fold (-page-!)
    You'll never see this ultra-rare tri-fold issue HJ-BDM ID-card in ANY book-any site, least not in This life-time..
    (and if you do, its legend will catch up with it and it will be multiples of this humble price. )
    Such are the injustices of paper"

    Guess his isn't the only one around then :) I have to say though that I never thought these were so rare.

    Edit: I should have uploaded the picture from that site as it has now been removed but it was another of the IDs you can see middle left in pic 1 in post 1 above.

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