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    Fähnleinführer document set

    Here's another set in the collection to Fähnleinführer Helmut Wagner born 12.10.1917. He was the Fähnleinführer of Fähnlein 8, Jungbann 115 Darmstadt

    Child's ID card dated 8.7.1932. Nice ID shot showing Wagner wearing what looks like the jacket worn by one of the pre-HJ youth groups.

    Another ID authorising a trip to France. ID is dated 12th July 1929. Another nice photo.

    HJ-Sportwart authorisation dated 23.3.1938.

    Authorisation for Fähnleinführer Wagner with photo to undertake assessments for boys being tested for the HJ achievement badge (sport section of the test). The ID shows that he himself had the HJ achievement in silver award number 1836.

    Authosrisation with photo to assess HJ members taking the tests to qualify for the award of the Reichsportabzeichen (adults) and the Reichsjugendsportabzeichen youth). Dated 21.2.1939.

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    thats a super group documenting the early days of the third reich infancy, any info if he survived the war etc? i love it garry, nice find

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    Thanks Phil. He's not listed as being dead or missing so I assume he got through okay.

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    hi gar lovely set,
    how do you go about finding if anyone survived the war or not

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    I think the bundeswehr has some archives that one can consult at least someone told me that once.But i want to know Garry if possible if he was born in 1917 he would be 22 years of age when the war broke out do you know if he entered military service and what branch??

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    Cheers Stu. You can enter details here and if they have records of a grave it will show.

    Gräbersuche | Suchanfrage

    I don't have any more detail on him unfortunately Patrick.

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    hi gar
    just for us idots lol i make out first name and surname but what are the others:

    Nachname: (Bitte ohne Titel und Adelsprädikat eingeben.)

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    The others are:

    Date of birth
    KIA/MIA date
    Place of birth

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    I came up blank with the search but there will be alternative search methodes

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    hi guys
    when i fill in the details it asks me to fill in a questionaire, hard for me as i dont speak german i only know this as when i put the answer to my search through a translator thats what came up, so can someone else have a go who speaks german and let me know if anything comes up.

    first name: friedel
    surname: henning
    d.o.b 17.11.1920
    born tarmstedt
    any help would be appreciated

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