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    Freischwimmer Ausweis

    I have a question, in 1944 at the
    Kinderlandverschickung Lager in Schoenwald by Triberg in the Blackforest I passed
    two tests for Dauer schwimmen one for 15 minutes and the second for 45 minutes but never received a certificate. You didn't
    have to swim all the time, floating, threating water, anything but touching the side of the pool. Does anyone have one of
    those certificates? I have never seen one just as I didn't know about an Ausweis for the
    or a Badge for completion until
    about 3 months ago. The Camp was run by the Hitler Youth & twice for 3 months each an Adolf Hitler Schule member ran the place. I was impressed by their quatity of knowledge and were good leaders. Any help will be appreciated, Al Kleindienst, Louisiana Unsere Fahne flattered uns voran

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    Hi Al and welcome to the forum. Great to have you here. Here is a Freischwimmer-Ausweis (15 minutes) for a boy who, like yourself, also passed the test during his stay at a


    ...and another from 1937:


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    Gray, you are too much, thank you very much I have been looking for that for many, many years, now if I could only
    find someone who has a picture of Paris when Reichsjugendfuehrer Axmann cam to visit and inspect us. Its also too bad
    that I can't remember the number of our Jung Volk group. Its been so many years ago. I even wrote to Wilhelm Saris in
    Belgian the author of many Hitler Jugend articles in the great magazine==The Military Advisor, Bender Publishing San Jose,CA
    I EVEN WROTE AN aRTICLE FOR THEM ABOUT THE FUNERAL OF Germany's third highest fighter Ace Guenther Rall whom I HAD befriended in 2005 and visit at his home in Bad Reichenhall with my wife Carol and daughter Sharon. What a nice man
    and such a gentleman. His book had just came out ( MEIN FLUGBUCH) and I was able to buy it from him and he signed it for
    me. He had 275 air victories over the russians . we stayed in touch sending Christmas Cards to each other and when we went back in 2009 in October we called him and he told us to come visit on saturday at 11 AM. On the way there on the
    AUTO BAHN we expierenced a Stau (slow down) so we called him and ohi daughter answered and told us he wasn't feelong
    well and not to come, three days later and his other daughter Franziska answered and tod us he had fallen and broke his
    back and at 91 that was too much, he died. What a shock. She said she would send us an invitation to the funeral and
    we went. It was very nice just very cold, they had all kind of Luftwaffe Generals there, a honour guard, a band and many
    people. In 1956 he had rejoined the new german Luftwaffe and become its higest General (Gereral Leutenat) It was very
    sad. A friend in Ba

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    Gary I was just cut off, I guess I wrote too much, Sorry about that, sometimes I get carried away, but I do thank
    you for the info, there some good people on this forum, Al Kleindienst

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    Garry, thank you very much, also if you ever hear of someone haveing a picture of Reichsfuehrer Axmann visiting
    Paris in 1943/44 please let me know. I just wish I could remember the date, I was 13 or 14 at the time. Ican't evenremember
    the Bann number or anything. I know we went to a Chateau about 40-50 miles north of Paris with to whole outfit for
    summer camp, stayed about 2 weeks. Did marching, singing, small rifle practice, all the stuff they wanted you to know.
    I remember my parents visiting me one day and being allowed to walk the 4 or 5 Kilometers to the train station to escort
    them back to the camp. I had just received a thin silver cord on my shoulder strap as a Fuehrer anwerter. They didn't
    notice. Just like back home in Chicago when I came home and said= Mama-Mama I hit a home run and she said and I quote
    :: Whats a home run""? We didn't eat much apple pie either, it was strickly a german home. Gesundheitskuchen and such. Garry, thanks again for you help, Al Kleindienst Jung Volk

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    Hi Al,

    I also searched for photos of that event but no luck so far unfortunately.

    Quote Originally Posted by alkleindienst View Post
    ...I remember my parents visiting me one day and being allowed to walk the 4 or 5 Kilometers to the train station to escort
    them back to the camp...
    Can you imagine that happening today? :)

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    It would be on You Tube immediately such an occasion, when it would happen
    these days. Tens and tens of followers.
    I neither could find any indication about the visit of Axmann. Nor could any of my French
    friends. They have never seen a note about this and surely no photograph! BUT.... not now,
    but maybe there will come one day a guy who says: I know. So, there is always hope!

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    Thanks Garry, I'll keep hoping I know it happened because I was there and shook his hand and it was either late 1943 or
    early 1944. Garry, I have a problem of answering Metallwarenfabriks question, I didn't see a place to answer him so any help
    would be appreciated. I do thank you for the info on the Dauer Schwim Schein, I had been looking for that for a long time,
    I still get goose bumps thinking how cold the water was in the Black forest and 44 minutes is a long time when you are 14
    years old. Thanks again, Al Kle. from Louisiana

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