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    Gebiet Westfalen "Ausweis HJ-Feuerwehrschar" "K-Übungsleiterausweis" "Einberufungsbefehl"

    here are 4 pictures of my new paper-items. First a Ausweis from "Feuerwehrscharen im HJ-Streifendienst", a "K-Übungsleiter-Ausweis" and from a "Einberufungsbefehl".
    In the "Feuerwehrscharenausweis" is listed that the boy got the "HJ-Feuerwehrabzeichen Formationsabzeichen", can anbody please post a picture of this tinnie.
    Hope you enjoy the pictures.
    Best Regards

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    I saw this on mil321 ... I believe that this boy had quailified for the firefighter sleeve diamond insignia

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    As Joe says, this will be the badge Sven:

    The regulation calls it 'Feuerwehrabzeichen'. Nice documents, particularly the Feuerwehrschar ID

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    yes it must be this badge, and this is the "Formationsabzeichen" not the "Fermationsabzeichen" , like in the Ausweis.
    Best Regards

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    Sorry Alois. I keep calling you Sven for some reason :)

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    Hello Garry,
    no problem.
    Best Regards

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