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    The ID card looks good to me.

    I don't know about the plate, are there any stamps on the back?


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    yes one of the pics is of the stamp


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    Hi Paul
    I think a similar plate was disscussed on GDC or WAF although that one was an SS plate i think the final consensus was that the plate was genuine but the insignia add later, mind you looking at this plate the insignia does look period , well worth the gamble for $75,

    cheers steve

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    the card alone and the id i would buy the plate ?if its not gen then you allways eat you dinner of it lol looks ok to me does it look old? china enamel? fadded ecxt ect cheers doug

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    Actually I wouldn't call this a HJ set. The plate shows the orders of the 'Nerother Bund' which was a scouting organisation founded in 1920 (still exists today) within the 'Bündische Jugend'. The Bund went across to the HJ voluntarily in 1932.

    The various symbols around the plate each denote an 'order' within the Bund and represent the respective geographic locations for each group. Each order was further broken down into Fähnlein.

    The Nerother Bund went over to the HJ in 1932/3 although some parts sympathised with Marxist ideology which was the cause of some problems.

    The ID isn't a DJH leader ID but rather the standard ID permitting use of the DJH facilities for 1932/3.

    The plate is post-war.

    Nice little grouping though.

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    thanks for the astute opinions will be very interested in getting the plate hands on colorful anyhow

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