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    Question Hitler Youth Pocket Diary Taschenkalender

    Hi all, eBay actually has turned up something nice for once... a Hitler Youth Pocket Diary Taschenkalender dated 1945, any ideas how much one is Worth?
    It is genuine

    I paid top money for it lets just say that

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    Nice. Would it be possible to see a little of the contents?

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    Sure thing
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    Thanks Hetsar I wonder if there are more designs out there. I have another from 1943 although the design isn't as nice as yours. Mine's not very 'HJ'. Does yours have any of the boy's details inside? That would obviously raise the price a little.
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    Sadly it's still blank which is a real shame, but its a 1945 issue so i doubt it was even used.

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    Okay ta. Nice looking item though as I say.

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