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    HJ and BDM enrolment certificates HJ-Aufnahmeurkunde 1943

    I have a question on this one:

    was there a reguliation in these documents. Imean in size of the document . As I have a A4 sized one and now I've added this one to the collection: size A5

    One is a boy, the other a girl. both seem to be period ones, but want to know for sure...

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    Hallo H2...
    there were no uniform regulations with documents HJ ! There are a lot of different documents of the same contents, also in the format .
    "Obligation of the youth" do not mistake with the "Admission in the HJ", these are two different matters.

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    Strange , ain't it, that everything else got reglemented but not documents or songbooks for that matter.

    I love the HJ documents and songbooks and own quit a few of them now. Including lettres of HJ boys and bdm girls whom write to their families.

    But what has taken my particular interest was that there was no uniformity in those things.

    I've been looking around to find any form of documentation on these paper items, and found, well, ......... zipp nothing, nada

    Strange for a country and a political system of controling almost everything....

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    scan0008.jpg here is a HJ song book i got through the post today enjoy

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    some of my liederbuche

    enjoy the pic
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