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    HJ Dienst Ausweis

    Can anyone shed additional light on this piece? Thanks in advance.

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    the only thing i can shed any light on is translation,but i gather that is not what you mean,.but if you did,.the front stamps & dates are the dates of how long the Ausweis is valid,.kathe fredrichs service ranking (Dienstrang) was mädel-Ringführerin,& she was the Head of the development im town von Osnabruck im Nordsee,.signed by the district leader or (Gebietsführer) the Ausweis is from Gebiet 7 Nordsee personnel department.other than that i cant tell you much else about it


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    Interesting item. The standard Dienstauweis and the Dienstkarte introduced in 1941 are clearly quite different to yours but having seem your collection on other threads I'm sure that you know that. Your card appears to be confirming at intervals of two months this woman's position in the command structure of Gebiet 7. Possibly so that she wasn't misused for other duties?

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