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    HJ education maps

    I stumbled over the following, a map with, I think, 12 HJ instruction maps, all marked as such. Does this have any value, have you guys seen this before? I have to figure out how to add pictures, but the maps are black & red printed maps of Europe, showing Germany in its different sizes, maps are around A4 each.

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    @edit: I think i managed, here are 5 pictures. Sorry I am not so comfortable with computers. They did not excist in my youth.

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    Nice. Here's a listing of all 12 maps so that you can check to see whether you have them all:


    You have the folder too which is nice. These map sets were introduced in May 1940 for the training of Hitler Youth movement members and a set cost RM2,80. The initial publisher was "Volk-und-Reich-Verlag" but there will be maps from other makers too.

    Value? I have no idea as I haven't personally seen a set for sale before. Originally there would have been tens of thousands of these sets produced so obviously difficult to know how many may have survived.

    Edit: an incomplete set was sold a couple of years ago here on the forum:

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    hello Gary.
    thank you so much for your answer. The set is complete, all 12 maps are there. Thanks for the list!!!! So around 150 euros for this complete set would be a fair price I think.
    I will try to get it and post detailed pictures once it has arrived. I dont have it yet, but stumbled over it at a friends house who is downsizing his collection.

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    Several (or maybe the same) - more or less complete - sets of these maps have been for sale the latest couple of years. I don't remember the price. A set was sold for about 200 Euro here in Denmark. It was offered to me, but I didn't buy it.

    Karte für die schulung der Hitler Jugend......


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