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    HJ GRUNDSCHEIN " Lifesaving book"

    Hitler youth book issued to members who had past the basic lifesaving courses .

    Interesting that this book was issued by the DLRG with approval of the SS .

    Also this boy was a member of the Gebiet staff as reflected by his shoulderstrap .

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    Nice document Joe. Nice photo too. It wasn't authorised by the SS however. It's just that Franz Breithaupt, the then head of the DLRG just happened to hold those SS ranks/appointments. He succeeded Georg Hax as DLRG-Führer in 1942 and had been his deputy prior to that.

    Here is a photo of Breithaupt:


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    Thanks Garry
    This book is a good example on how confusing some documents can get just because it has an SS marking in it .

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