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    HJ Honour badge document

    HJ honour badge document (HJ-Ehrenzeichen) & photograph of recipient Willi fielder,i am searching everywhere for a HJ honour badge.

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    member since 1939?

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    Hi Jo,

    That may well be a "2" (1929) but if we assume that it's a 3 there is a possible scenario. Amtliches Nachrichtenblatt VII/2 from 10.2.1939 ended the period where HJ-Ehrenzeichen could be normally be applied for but exceptions were made for:

    Protektorat Böhmen und Mähren

    and for Volksdeutsche in:
    Former Poland
    Südsteiermark and Südkärnten

    For the above countries/territories the award of the HJ-Ehrenzeichen was on a case to case basis, at the discretion of the Gebietsführer and subject to satisfaction of the qualification requirements.

    With this in mind, Willi Fiedler could be a boy who previously lived in one of these countries/territories and who had been a member of a qualifying youth organisation for the required period before moving with his family to Karlsruhe and joining the HJ there in 1939. It's a possible explanation but the award serial number is a worry of course if we assume that they were issued sequentially.

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