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Thread: IAB Award Doc

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    IAB Award Doc


    Award Document for a HJ Scharführer. No more best condition but I like it. Hope you too:)



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    I think this needs to be discussed .

    I have only seen a few photos of HJ wearing assault badges .
    Of these photos , all were home on leave from the War and were doing there duty as instructors etc. back with there old HJ home unit , but wearing Hitlerjugend uniforms .
    There is the famous newsclip of the 20 boys being decorated with the Iron Cross 2nd class at Hitlers Bunker in 1945 , One of these youths is wearing an Infantry assault badge , however ; he was recalled from his
    unit at the Front , to the führerbunker to be awarded the EK2 as an HJ because he was barley 17 years old . ( common for 16 -17 year olds to volunteer for the whermacht at this age from mid 1943 onwards) .
    I am highly suspect of combat awards being awarded to Hitlerjugend ...besides the most common ...War Service cross 2nd class , wound badge , the Iron Cross 2nd class and the Luftwaffe flak badge for HJ luftwaffe helpers.
    Also the Luftwaffe flak service arm patch ...worn on the lower left sleeve .

    I`d like Paul and Garry to chime in on this one when time permits .
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    I am supect because of the fact that at this date in April of 1945 , most awards documents were not even regulation printed documents .
    The 20 Hitlerjugend that were awarded the EK2 at the führerbunker in March of 1945 were not even given an award document . I have seen award documents issued in 1945 that were just hand written on a blank peice of paper with what the award was for , then stamped and signed by the Comander of the soldiers unit that he was attached to .

    I personally know an 89 year old former Waffen
    woman who was a Signals Auxiliary . She was awarded the War Service cross 2nd class in January of 1945 . She had lost her uniform during a bombing raid and just wore civilian clothes with a yellow armband but did manage to retain her
    signals overcoat .

    She was just given the medal in a small ceremony wich included a boquet of flowers and a bottle of wine but no certificate , she did indicate that a notation was entered in her passbook .
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    Can you retake a photo of this document and adjust the color so we can make out just what the stamping on the lower left indicates ?

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    JUST had a look at this document and find it a complete fake due to the obvious inserts which where never written t his way and just plain appears to be something made up to get bucks out of the HJ collector family. The HJ was a political movement they where not entitled to these combat awards and in fact it was a real stretch and last ditch ploy at the end to issue iron crosses.
    Sorry to be so blunt but one can read through this clearly.

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    HJ Scharführer Volkssturm

    So this is a HJ Scharführer who was apparently awarded the
    in bronze whilst a member of the Volkssturm (4th Regt(?), 2nd battalion Max Ritter von Müller). My first question would be whether a Volkssturm member would even have been eligible for this award... Also, as you guys have said, an award document 3 weeks before the end of the war, typed and stamped? For a Volkssturm HJ? If real this would be a bit of a sensation wouldn't it? Have you researched this further Sebastian? Would be good to know more about it if you have.

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    Who had the time or inclination to stamp documents at that stage of the war?

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    THERE are some expert document collectors on WAF , WOULD be nice to see this doc presented over there

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