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    Japanfahrt 1938 - documents signed by HJ Bannführer Lauterbacher

    here are some pictures from my new documents from the Japanfahrt 1938 with 3 autographs from
    Bannführer Lauterbacher.
    Best Regards

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    Japanfahrt more pictures

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    Very nice Signed by Hans Lauterbacher, head of the
    foreign office, who was of course the brother of
    Stabsführer (later Gauleiter) Hartmann Lauterbacher. For those who don't read German these are letters to those selected for the trip to Japan or "Japanfahrt" and contain some administrative details.

    Hans Lauterbacher fought with the
    -Leibstandarte in 1942/3 and was the stand-in Gebietsführer of Gebiet 27 Wien for a short period. He raised 2 HJ battalions with the name "Werwolf" in Feb 1945 which held up the russians to allow the withdrawal of 6. Pz Armee in mid-April.

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    Unbelievable these documents remained unnoticed and unacknowledged by the forum members for 4 (!!!) years .... except Wim Saris and "HJ-collector". THEY ARE OUTSTANDING!!!

    Many many thanks, Alois, for sharing them.



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    Thanks to Alois. He did send me the correspondence years ago.
    It was a pity I got them after my published article in the US-
    magazine "Military Advisor" in 2005. Now many years ago!

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