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    kriegsbücherei der deutschen jugend


    I just got me this magazin in the mail: zerstörer im handelskrieg

    heft 87

    when I look at the back cover i see this is the 87th issue of the magazin.

    I really am ammazed when i see how they describe the times, it's all so poiticaly influenced and i was positively surpiriced about the conservation of the magazin. could it be that they use a special kind of ink, no damage after 70 years to the text, so it must be off a good quality. or could it be treated with soimething to preserve things??
    I can not imagine anyone treating it page by page....

    anyone knows how many wher made?

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    Kriegsbücherei der deutschen Jugend

    The conservation depends on the quality of paper and ink. And how they have been stored.


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    yes there were 156 books issued along with about another 8 that were givin out for special tasks in my collection i just need 9 to complete the set i do also have 17 copys for sale if you are interested including number 1

    thanks steve

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    sorry should have said i have the first 17 issues for sale if interested thanks steve

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