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    Large set of paperwork for a Deutsches Jungvolk DJ Fähnleinführer KIA Russia

    Here's another DJ set which contains the following:

    DJ ID
    DJ Leader ID
    Savings book and card
    All promotion letters
    DLRG basic
    DJ achievement badge award confirmation
    HJ shooting badge award certificate
    Dried Edelweiss flower
    Death notice newspaper cutting
    EKII (not his)
    Acceptance form for officer training
    Letter returning Erich's Wehrpass to the family

    Erich-Otto Rhein (born 18.7.25) joined Jungbann 1/53 (Köln 1) on 1.7.34. His first promotion came on 25.7.1938 to Jungenschaftsführer and was followed by promotion to:
    Oberjungenschaftsführer 4.8.1939
    Jungzugführer 30.1.1941
    Oberjungzugführer 1.7.1942
    Fähnleinführer (K-Führer) 26.8.1941

    On 1.12.1941 he volunteered for military service. He was mustered on 1.7.1942 and assigned to 4.Komp. Schützen.Ers.-Btl.(mot.)3 in Eberswalde (renamed to 4.(O.B.)Pz.Gren.Ausb.Btl.3 27.2.1943)

    He was assigned to 4.KradSchtz.Btl.165 on 2.4.1943 and moved to the eastern front where he fought with 4./Pz.Aufkl.Abt.116 until being killed on the Muis front on 26.7.1943. He was promoted to Unteroffizier and Fahnenjunker (both noted on 1.8.1943) and was awarded a posthumous EKII on 10.8.1943.

    I added the EKII and ribbon to the set.

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    one more......
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    Garry, I notice a name by the Bann number on the promotion documents. Is that an honour designation or something?

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    It is Darin. The Bann was awarded the honourary title of Bann Erich Niejahr. This often happened to honour the martyrs but could only be awarded for a Bann within whose boundaries the martyr had been killed.

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    thats one hell of a grouping gar

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    Thanks Stu.

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    This is really nice stuff.
    This Forum is getting better everyday.

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    mind blowing as usual garry great set thanks for posting

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