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    Membership card (Mitgliedsausweis) DLV

    wanted to share with all of you my last purchase.
    Sorry, for the poor quality of pictures taken.
    Is it to be considered as a pré "Flieger HJ" ausweis?
    I know that the insignia wich figures on the front page was also used as an armbadge (pre-war ) for the Luftsport-scharen, a section of the DLV, later known as the HJ-Flieger.
    One of the stamps (July 1936) depicts also a HJ boy with a glider.
    But if anybody has more information about this type of document, please do not hesitate, but share your knowledge.


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    Here's a little info about Deutscher Luftsport Verband [text from wikipedia]

    The German Air Sports Association (Deutscher Luftsport Verband, or DLV e. V.) was an organisation set up by the Nazi Party in March 1933 to establish a uniform basis for the training of military pilots. Its chairman was Hermann Göring and its vice-chairman Ernst Röhm.

    Since the Treaty of Versailles officially forbid Germany from building fighter planes of any sort the German Air Sports Association used Gliders to train men still officially civilians for the future Luftwaffe.

    It was dissolved in 1937 and replaced with the National Socialist Flyers Corps [NS Fliegerkorps - NSFK], a corporation under public law and subordinate to Reichsluftfahrtminister Hermann Göring.
    Scans from Angolia: The HJ, vol. 2.
    Untitled-Scanned-01.jpg . Untitled-Scanned-02.jpg . Untitled-Scanned-03.jpg

    If you are interested in German prewar aviation and read German, I can recommend this book:
    George Cordts: Junge Adler - Vom Luftsport zum Flugdienst 1920-1945.

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