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    Ah, I was getting confused there Antonio :) I was looking for his driving licence but I think you mean the Führerausweis (Leader ID). Okay, from what I can see his promotions were:


    1.1.1937 Jungzugführer

    30.1.1938 Hordenführer

    1.3.1938 - 1.12.1938 Geldverwalter

    9.11.1938 Verwaltungskameradschaftsführer

    30.1.1939 Verwaltungsoberkameradschaftsführer

    9.11.1939 Scharführer


    Returns to service with the HJ

    20.4.1943 Oberscharführer

    9.11.1943 Fähnleinführer Bann 318

    1.7.1944 K-Hauptstammführer Bann 318 where he was involved in Wehrertüchtigung.

    Great stuff. Always great to see sets of documents like this Looks like he survived the war as he doesn't have an entry in the Volksbund database.

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    Hi Garry,

    GREAT, thanks for the information.

    You are right, I got confused (without alcohol) with the Führerschein and the Führer Ausweis, you are right.

    So far, that was the lot, apart from the Certificates of The Tinnies.

    I am trying to locate more things and keep it posted.

    BUT I have to admit something. It is a great feeling to try to write about these ID’s and documents. To investigate and discover.




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    Quote Originally Posted by Heran View Post
    ....It is a great feeling to try to write about these ID’s and documents. To investigate and discover...
    Most definitely Antonio

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