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    Reichsberufswettkampf 1938 Qualification Sheet and Envelope

    Hi all,

    I got a nice document from Toby

    I would like to show you a couple of documents related to the Reichsberufswettkampf, in this case from 1938, for the same person.

    This is a qualification sheet including the envelope. The candidate is a guy from Mylau in Sachsen, 17 years old by then and he was a butcher. He was part of the competition in the area of Reichenbach.

    He was participating in the area of Food sector.

    As you can see, the guy had 3 series of tests (Vorgang). Each test is divided in 5 sections. The first 4 sections are valued from 2 to 10. The last one from 2 to 30.

    2 (2) means “Nicht gengend”, which means not enough or not adequate.
    5 (15) means “Nicht gengend”, which means enough or adequate.
    8 (25) is “Gut”, good.
    10 (30) is “Sehr Gut”, very good.

    The 5 sections are as follows.

    - Participant’s Personal Hygiene. In this one, the participant got a 5 in the 3 series, which means that the Participant, really, not a really clean person was.
    - Work Tool’s correct handling, for example, professional handing of the machines. Sellers, correct handling of the customers. Our participant got a 10, 8 and 5.
    - Procedures’ Orderliness at work. Our participant got a 10, 8 and 5.
    - Promptitude. Our participant got a 10, 8 and 5.
    - Work‘s Performance. Our participant got a 30, 25 and 15.

    Well, as we can see, the performance drop down quite bad from the first to the third series. But not in the Personal Hygiene, he,he,he.

    So he got a total of 154 points divided by 3, which gives a total of 51 points.

    It is a pity that it is not signed but the examinators/judges.

    It is a real pity not to know, which were the rules for the examinations and the criteria used. Also that it was a minimum amount of points to qualify for the badges and/or the diplomas.

    Please, if anybody else could provide more information, it would be really appreciated.



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    This boy was a butcher in Leistungsklasse II (the second year of his apprenticeship) Antonio and this is the assessment sheet for the practical part of the test. There were 3 parts to the practical test in this case. He would also have completed a theory test and an ideology test.

    The results from all 3 tests gave the final points total. The highest achievable scores were:

    Practical test: 70 points
    Theory test: 30 points
    Ideology test: 20

    There was also a sporting test(s) which became more difficult as participants moved up from the Ortswettkampf (Kreissieger) to Gau-level (Gausieger) and finally Reich-level (Reichssieger). If a participant failed to achieve the minimum standard at any level he/she would be disqualified from taking any further part in the competition for that year. In previous years the points gained in the sporting section counted towards the final combined points total but when this boy took part in 1938 this had been changed such that if a participant met the minimum requirement for his/her Leistungsklasse then that was sufficient to go and attempt the remaining sections of testing.

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    nice set antonio i was thinking about them myself

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    Hi Garry,

    Thank you very much for the information. Excellent!!

    Then, for each Leistungsklasse there was a winner + award, right? For example, here for the competition in the Food Sector - Butcher, there were as many Kreissieger as Klassen in the Food Sector - Butcher were, right?

    Hi Stu,

    You are the main responsible because I got the Kreissieger and documents. Without any doubt, so for that, THANK YOU and I owe you a few beers.

    Step by step, in the future, I will be collecting things related the Reichsberufswettkampf.



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    A fascinating set Antonio

    Congrats on a great purchase !


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    Quote Originally Posted by Heran View Post
    ...then, for each Leistungsklasse there was a winner + award, right? For example, here for the competition in the Food Sector - Butcher, there were as many Kreissieger as Klassen in the Food Sector - Butcher were, right?

    Yes, that's how it worked - at least that's how it appears to have worked as I read through Artur Axmann's 'Der Berufswettkampf'. In 1938 for example there were 20 main employment categories with each of these being divided again into the employment sub-categories or 'Sparten'. For example your boy competed in employment group 04 Fleischer, Sparte 2 Darmschleimer (the Darmschleimer's job was to clean and prepare intestines before they were used for sausages etc). These Sparten were again sub-divided into 'Leistungsklassen': apprentice in first year, second year etc. There were 10 of these Leistungsklassen in 1938 but the actual number of these within each 'Sparte' was sometimes three, sometimes more.

    The total number of people competing at the finals of the
    in 1936 was 671 and although I can't find an exact reference which says that there was a Reichssieger badge awarded to the best participant in each Sparte of each Leistungsklasse I think that this must have been the case otherwise the total number (if there were only one Reichssieger per trade group) would have been around 20 which seems too few.

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    Hi Garry,

    About the information that you have provided about the rules, change of rules, etc. just a question, where could I find that information and more over this competition?

    Thanks for your help.



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    'Der Reichsberufswettkampf' by Artur Axmann published 1938 is my main source Antonio.

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    Thanks Garry, Excellent

    I just saw the book for around 50 Euros.

    I will have a look at it.



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    50 is good. I think you'll find it to be a very useful resource

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