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    Rubberstamp - Jungmädel

    I have this little rubberstamp from " Jungmädel".

    I guess it was used to stamp on their card, when they have payed their contigent.
    It says: "JM 7/333" and the HJ-diamond.

    JM stempel 004.jpg stamp.jpg JM stempel 013.JPG

    I am sure that somebody on this forum - from the no. - knows where it is from, and this would be nice for me to know.

    I think that the wood-part of it is of a newer date, as it does not look so worn as it should be.


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    Hitler Youth Dienstprüfstempel for JM-Gruppe 7/333


    Whether it is an authentic item or a modern copy I couldn't say but this is a "Dienstprüfstempel". They were introduced in 1941 for the Gefolgschaft, BdM-Mädelgruppe, Fähnlein and JM-Gruppe and were used at the monthly meetings ("Monatsappell") where each member's Hitler Youth membership card (Ausweis/Dienstkarte) was stamped to show that he/she had turned up. The stamps were placed in the position previously used for the attachment of the paper membership fee stamps.

    Our Full Members have access to Bann lists here that will give you the location/name of Bann 333. There is also a project here that aims to find as many of the units below Bann level (Gefolgschaft, JM-Gruppe etc) as possible although having said that, JM-Gruppe 7/333 isn't currently listed.

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    I have done some study of these stamps over the years and believe this one is period , but as Garry says heavily reproduced so due diligence before buying these is recommended

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