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    Set of documents HJ

    Hi everyone

    Let me show you the set of documents which I picked some time ago belonging to Heinrich Balck, HJ Scharführer in Motor HJ. Gefolgschaft 7, Bann 282 (Hamburg-Ost / Nordmark / Nord).

    The set includes Balck's HJ Ausweiss, Führerausweis (with great photos of Balck, by the way), Arbeitsbuch and Arbeit-Pass. Thanks to ceniform, who kindly helped me decipher the information on the Führerausweis.

    Black was born on 4 December 1919 in Hamburg. Here is the info. in his Fürherausweis:

    20 April 1938: Rottenführer
    9 November 1938: Kamf.(?) Kammeratschaftsführer
    20 April 1939: Oberkammeradschaftsführer
    1 October 1940: Scharführer

    Verwendung als Führer - Used as a leader
    10 July 1939 - 24 July 1939
    Lagerfü. (Lagerführer/Campleader) in Mot. Lager 1939 (Motor Lager - Motor-HJ camp?)


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    Hi Eliko,

    Would it be possible to see a larger version of your fourth pic please?

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    Of course, Garry. Hope these are OK. Thanks for your interest. Just click on them to make them larger.


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    Many thanks

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