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    Sport certificate - Bann 125 Hohentübingen

    Sport certificate - Bann 125 Hohentübingen (ex metho collection)

    Untitled-Scanned-08.jpg . Untitled-Scanned-06.jpg . Untitled-Scanned-07.jpg

    Kurt Heller
    errang im
    100 m Brustschwimmen
    Kl. II
    den 1. Sieg
    mit der Leistung von
    In Anerkennung der Leistung
    verleihe ich diese Auszeichnung
    Tübingen, den 13. 7. 41
    Der Führer des Bannes Hohentübingen (135)


    Kurt Heller
    achieved in
    100 m breaststroke
    class II
    the first victory
    with the performance
    In recognition of the performance
    I give this award
    Tübingen, 13. July 41
    The leader of the Bann Hohentübingen (135)

    Hohentübingen is a castle centrally located in the city of Tübingen.


    Tübingen is a university city in central Baden-Württemberg. It lies on the Neckar around 30 kilometers south of Stuttgart.


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    Untitled-Scanned-02.jpg . Untitled-Scanned-03.jpg

    Here's another certificate to the same boy, but a year earlier, when he won the 200 meter breststroke.

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