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    Sport Competition (Reichsjugendwettkämpfe) Certificate for 1932

    Untitled-Scanned-01.jpg .
    Sport Competition Certificate [ex metho collection]

    Embossed stamp, Deutscher Reichsausschuss für Leibesübungen [German National Committee for Physical Exercises]

    Friedrich Voss
    im Dreikampf
    3. Sieger
    Kellinghusen, den 6.9.1932

    In the National Youth [Sport] Competitions
    Friedrich Voss was third Winner
    in Dreikampf [running, jumping, throwing]
    Kellinghusen, 6. September 1932
    Leader of the Competition

    Kellinghusen is a town in the district of Steinburg in Schleswig-Holstein Kellinghusen

    During the Cold War, Kellinghusen housed a large garrison of the Bundeswehr; above all artillery units of the 6th Panzer Grenadier Division were stationed here. In addition, there was the special ammunition storage Kellinghusen, a nuclear stockpile of the U.S. armed forces.

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    Nice. I have one of the winners' badges (Siegernadel) for that year from Kreis Gifhorn (later Bann 380):


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