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    Veranstaltungsring der HJ Teilnehmerausweise

    Variations of the Teilnehmerausweis

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    another variant
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    very nice you have a great collection of documents there

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    Very nice I had only seen the first type before.

    Just a little general info on the Veranstaltungsring. The Veranstaltungsring der HJ was officially created on the 1st of September 1938* in order to consolidate and unify the various cultural programmes which already existed for the Hitler Youth. The Veranstaltungsring was coordinated at Bann level within the respective Kulturabteilung (Cultural Office) and again at Gebiet level and its aim was to enable access to the arts for those who, by virtue of class, income, education etc, would not normally have been eligible in the past.

    Membership was voluntary and was for males up to the age of 18 and females up to the age of 21. Leaders over these ages were also eligible. There were two membership classes:

    Group A for members of the HJ, DJ, BDM and JM
    Group B for guests

    When the programme started members paid an annual subscription of 0,20 RM and 0,30 RM respectively which was sufficient to produce an overall surplus to cover the cost of advertising and sundry costs. The Veranstaltungsring was one of the few activities which were able to continue despite the increasing role of the Hitler Youth in the war effort.

    * Edit: This is the date for the creation of the Reich-wide Veranstaltungsring der HJ but some HJ Gebiete had already been running cultural programmes like it prior to this date.

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    Heres my one ,

    Note mine and Ausweis are both for Bann 74 Hannover

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    Veranstaltungsring Dresden

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    another from Plauen
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    Quote Originally Posted by ausweis View Post
    this is one great Ausweis!!

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    very nice ausweis,.all very cool would love to have in my coll

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