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    a very interesting HJ document

    Hi friends,

    a very interesting document: "temporary answer" about "exemption from the service of the HJ"

    To me the most fascinating facts are the reasons for the exemption:

    - unsuitability
    - subnormal physical development
    - defective school achievement
    - non-german folklore (nation)

    greets atze

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    That is a fascinating document! I wonder what "unsuitability" covers !


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    This is physical unsuitability according to the terms of §4 of the Youth Service Regulation and relates to medical conditions preventing a boy or girl from joining the Hitler Youth Nick. Any chronic condition which would prevent a person taking part in the normal day to day activities of the Hitler Youth would be grounds for exclusion. There were however Reichsbanne for the blind (Bann B Blinde), the deaf and partly deaf (Bann G Gehörgeschädigt) and the physically disabled (Bann K Körperbehindert - this Bann was however short-lived). Early on there was a Bann for the physically disabled also but this was quietly disbanded.

    The person shown in Atze's form is being temporarily excluded in order to allow an investigation to be made. The reasons for this would be one of the following:

    • to establish whether the person had previously been excluded from the Hitler Youth on disciplinary grounds
    • whether any outstanding court decisions existed
    • whether the person was in care
    • or in the case of girls whether they were or had previously been under assessment by the medical services

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    Thanks for explaining Garry


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    Thank you Garry !
    This applies to this boy here, but I find the non-appropriate point 1.c " Nichtdeutsches Volkstum" (can you exactly translated ?) very typically for the national socialism.

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    Here's what the regulation says with regard to 'nichtdeutsches Volkstum' Atze:

    • Young people of German nationality whose parents (or the father) are either Danish or Polish are to be freed from compulsory service in the Hitler Youth
    • Children born out of wedlock are to be freed from compulsory service if the mother is Danish or Polish (those affected by the regulation will not be forced to join a danish or polish youth organisation.
    • those germans who live abroad and only make short visits to Germany are also freed from compulsory service.
    • §5 states that those children with jewish blood are excluded but a further regulation permits latitude.

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    There were special shoulder straps for deaf and blind HJ members, very rare. I've never seen them except in books.

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    wow nice documant, and info garry!!

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