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    Vormilitärische Leistungsprüfung Flieger, Marine, Motor, Nachrichten, Feuerwehr-HJ 1943 Trier Wengerohr

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    You've lost me :) What citation do you mean?

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    i think it is called hitler jugend schiezen abzeichen (for marksman)?
    a rare document?
    or am i way off again? : )

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    Still not sure what you mean. Do you see one anywhere on the wiki page?:

    HJ and DJ shooting Badges

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    hm, i asked Steve (HJ bunker) to send me a picture of the document i have on layaway from him.
    i cannot explain it (sorry)!!
    i will post it when i get the picture : )

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    Okay, cool.

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    this is what i tried to explain : )
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    I used to own that and it's still the only one I've seen. It's not a shooting certificate though. It was a competition designed to test pre-military training achievements. I know what I sold it for but that was a few years back.

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    ok, so this used to belong to you?!!
    at last i know what it is.
    thank you : )

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    Yes, I sold it in 2009.

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