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Thread: Youth documents

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    Youth documents

    Some of my German documents,
    my first post so seeing if it works ok before putting more on

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    Hello, Welcome to the forum. I'm new too. Your picture worked have to learn to do that. Thre is a lot to learn here. Gary

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    Hi guys and Willkommen!

    Uploading images is easy....
    1. Click REPLY
    2. Once the dialog window opens, click down on the right on GO ADVANCED
    3. Then Scroll down, and click on MANAGE ATTACHMENTS
    4. A window pops up, with a choice to add 5 images. (On my pics it says DURCHSUCHEN because the pc/settings are in German, but in English it will be something like ADD or FIND image.
    5. Then once 1, or 5 images have been uploaded, click close Box, (to close the pop-up) and either PREVIEW, or SUBMIT REPLY!
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    Welcome from me too 2dukes. Yes, looking forward to some more shots of the items in the display

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