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    Canteen. Is it Hitler Youth?

    Forgive me if i have placed this post in the wrong section or i am repeating a question that has its own thread...

    I have a canteen i picked up in Germany last summer. It is smaller than an Army canteen but built like one. It's wool cover is quite different and it features a Bakelite cap with an orange rubber seal. it is marked ESB43.

    I have pictures of it here next to a HJ messer for size comparison

    0508111839-00.jpg 0508111839-01.jpg 0508111840-00.jpg 0508111840-01.jpg 0508111845-00.jpg

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    No opinions on this item yet? What's up guys? :001_huh:

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    Looks like an HJ canteen to me,

    Is the HJ dagger a real one? the diamond looks a bit off to me.

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