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    Deutsches Jungvolk Breadbag or not?

    Can anyone tell my more about this Breadbag. Its very small and somebody told me these Bags were worn at the Jungvolk.
    I know in the RZM-Lists they appear always in grey colour, so it must be a civil kind.

    Maybe anyone can post a Pic oder Pics.....



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    Black and blue versions are mentioned in the regulation as being forbidden so for me that means that black and blue breadbags had been in use prior to 1936 (otherwise why bother mentioning specific colours in the orders?) Yours looks grey from here though or is it just my eyes

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    Hi Garry.

    It really looks black.


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    Okay Herbert. Thanks. Could be one of the breadbags mentioned in the regulations then i.e. a breadbag that was available to and used by the HJ prior to the ban. As I say, they wouldn't have mentioned the colours without a reason :)

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    Thanks Garry!

    Ill keep it in my collection.

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