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    One should have a look through DJH (The German Youth Hostel Organisation) papers and magazines to nail it down 100%.
    But it sounds reasonable. Since the kids did loose their Halstuchknoten quite often (as scouts still do nowadays) and the black and brown leather ones are very hard to find in the grass or the woods, the DJH office might have had these for sale at the DJH office in the Youth Hostel. A convenient service and maybe a little additional money for the host there. To me this sounds very reasonable.
    But proof has to be found in magazines or pamphlets of the DJH where this service is mentioned.
    Or even pre 1945 photos showing these items on sale there.
    Sorry to say that I have nothing on the DJH in my collection.
    So no proof yet, but I would think a good chance to find some proof.

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    Hi Albrecht,

    Como estas, caballero?

    For me, this type of items could have been well sold in those DJH. As I said to you in the FECOM forum, they always were in the need of money and funds, so they could have easily sold those items. The only thing that "worries"me is that DJH symbol. As far as I know (and I dont know that much), the DJH symbol was always the same. I will give you the same examples as the one I gave you in the Spanish Forum.

    One from 1943 (or that is wikipedia says) and one from the own DJH web page.

    Having said that, I love what Philip Baker says in Vol. 1, "Youth led by Youth", and it says, more or less, that as soon as you say "that was never made",somebody will come with a period picture or document and will show that. Maybe somebody comes and shoes that DJH symbol and then... why can't your piece be original?

    Big spanish hug



    PS: Yesterday in Reichertshofen you would have been so dissapointed...
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    The same DJH symbol, as used on the little paper bag, is used on the shoelaces in this thread


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    Quote Originally Posted by Albrecht View Post
    Is this a fake?
    Best way is to find out. Lets open your packet and see whats inside..
    The paper fails the "Plenty" test, and pulls apart like WC paper.. a good sign of age.....inside is... a very small ball of ultra light brown fails the You have to be at least this tall to go on this ride test
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    The knot pulls apart real easy, not fixed or attached at any end.. fails the solid ball test....It has miserably failed the burn test too......the chop test was too much for it and it fell through that one...last but not least, it has passed the Ersatz-spaghetti test
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    sorry it's nervous

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    Quote Originally Posted by lauri View Post
    sorry it's nervous
    Glad at least someone got a "kick" out of that
    Possibly a more aggressive test of authenticity.. maybe thats why nobody sends me items to inspect, they know this is what they will get back...
    On a more serious note, there was a seller, a young German, who was selling the Shoe laces and these Knots in paper bags on i have also seen them at Flea markets.. and recently towards the end of 2011, they were up at mili321, both the shoe laces (in boxes..) and these small tie-balls in packets...

    Are they real? i will leave that up to you hardcore HJ collectors to decide

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    Play again please ;)
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