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    Hitler Youth drum hanger?

    a drum carrier can anyone help am hoping it might be HJ

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    Hi Paul,

    Those with the eagle design (without a crown) were used by the HJ but I have no experience with them. The only detailed description with dimensions, materials etc I can find of these is from 1934 where, for example, the two hooks are described as being riveted to the eagle as opposed to being an integral part of the cast as seems to be the case with the one you show there. Perhaps that changed at some point after 1934, I don't know, but hopefully someone with more experience with these drum hangers will comment.

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    Hi Gary thanks for t he reply, I know it does not look like examples known to be HJ but was hoping. It came with some other WW11 items

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    Hi Gentlemen,

    Sorry for the late reply, but I am a new member.

    Your Hanger is a drum hanger from 1920 to 1945 (Without crown) for all formations, Military, Civil, Para-military etc.

    I joint you a photo from a desk publicity for "cigaretten der Trommler" (cigarettes the Drummer). You can see the hanger on the
    The trade mark from Sturm, cigarettes maker (Trommler etc), was the logo of the

    Best regards from Alsace, France.


    And here is mine.

    Porte tambour 1920-1945 (1).jpg

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    Hi Paul and other members of this forum.

    I have for ? month/years downloaded this pic from the Internet.

    Gehæng til tromme.jpg
    I.m.h.o. it is your drumhanger we see on this PERIOD-PIC.

    Do you agree ??


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