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    Hitler Youth HJ bugle genuine?

    hi guys i have a question what do you think of this HJ bugle was these short little fellows used during the third reich?

    i have the chance of a trade for it is it worth it? and would like some opinions from you folks here please? on the piece's originalty?

    thanks and all comments welcome.

    also the piece is unmarked aswell.

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    never seen one be for like that in my opion i would not go for it not even in trade it smells like new to me or is that just the flash making it look a silver colour steve

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    seems to be allright , but the one i have is the same design but its in brass and has two hanging loops either to attatch a small flag or carrying strap. i have seen the bugle eagle for sale on some sites so it is possible to attatch one to a buggle and then chrome it to hide the signs but i have never come across one before. i belive stu was at some time looking into purchasing a chrome one, ive just sold mt brass one and im not sure if i have any pics, ill have a look, cheers Pete.

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    hi steve and pete it is supposed to be nickel plated i have seen this style before on a youtube video of ww2 german collection i know its not proof of originalty but it was very nearly the identical who knows i liked the look but as said easy enough to fake. the new look could be the flash of the metal plateing. cheers ewan

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    Looks similar to the one that SAS had a while back.

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    I ran into one of these back in the late 80's.
    Our concensus at the time was that this kind was bad, and I passed.
    Only my opinion.

    Here's a good one that I had.

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    hi cheers guys i value you guys opinion after all yous have been collecting HJ a very long time and i was born in 85 :D cheers

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    THIS BUGLE was made in PAKISTAN last week and is a common fake more seen as British or CANADIAN bugles with regimental badges sweated on


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