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    HJ Donation Diamond Nail Artwork- Information please

    Here is my HJ Donation Diamond nail artwork. It measures 23 inches high by 13 inches wide. It is made of wood.

    When a Donation is made, a nail was hammered in to create the design. The design is completely filled in so the boys made the donation goal.

    The back says Bavaria Bayreuth and a Bann number?

    Does anyone know more information?

    IMG_0061.jpg nail.jpg

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    Nice item "Gef 3/I/B7" stands for "Gefolgschaft 3/Unterbann I/Bann B7". This is the early numbering convention for units prior to Feb 1935 and the removal of the Unterbann number. You can see the name of Bann B7 here. Bann B7 became Bann 307 after the final removal of the "B" prefix from 1.1.1936.

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    I have some information on these donation diamonds somewhere and will post when I find it.

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    There is two-page (in German) about the HJ-Nagelbrett in Militaria magazine January/February 2008.
    I will try to make a scan of the article.

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    Maybe this is what my "Schablonen" were for? To make nail boards.. as all three designs have holes along the edges??

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    Interesting item, Thank you for sharing.

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