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Thread: HJ shorts

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    HJ shorts

    these shorts seem to correspond to the 1933 pattern but in black, i believe these would have been worn prior to the black corduroy shorts introduced in 1935. I have read that lots of these early brown shorts were dyed black to follow regs, but mine do not show signs of being dyed, mind you im sure industrial dyeing would make it very hard to be 100% sure.

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    hi pete
    black shorts of this style where worn after the tan ones where fased out, have a pair myself, and toby sold a mint pair on his last update

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    very nice and interesting. Still looking for a decent pair of cord ones.

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    I have a question for the guys that have the shorts. How thick is the material? The reason I ask, is I was at a recent military show and a guy had a whole HJ uniform for sale. The shorts, were of a very thin material, almost like modern day curtains. I was under the impression that clothing material from that era were of a thicker material, and was surprised how "lightwieight" these were.



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    The light brown HJ summer service shorts were fazed out around December of 1935 and replaced by by the black service shorts at that time .

    There were 2 versions of the black shorts .

    There is a light weight cotton verson for summer and corduroy version for winter .
    The difference is ( I could be wrong as I am no expert) :
    For the HJ ...the light weight black shorts were worn during the spring and fall ( April 15 to October 15 ) then the winter dark-blue trousers were worn .

    The DJ , however ; had the same summer shorts ,but were also issued the black corduroy shorts for winter wear as well as the winter dark-blue trousers .

    If anyone can give a better explanation , feel free to post .;)
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    Well, thanks for the answer. I didn't know there were 2 versions of black shorts. Learned something new today!


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    That is what this forum is for .

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