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    HJ Trumpets

    This is probably going to be an easy question for people to answer, but I'm going to ask anyway ........

    I have just bought 4 trumpet banners (2 DJ and 2 HJ) and 3 trumpets from a long time collection in Europe. Whilst there is no doubt in my mind that each of the flags are the genuine articles, 2 of the trumpets have 4 cross bars on the top for the 4 ties, and one only has 3. I have attached a picture with the trumpet with 4 bars across, to show what I mean. incidentally there are no markings at all on any of the trumpets. The one with 3 ties at the top is completely un-cleaned and has greebles inside it

    Any idea why only 3? I know these were used and manufactured post war, maybe this is a later one?


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    I remember this coming on a forum a few years back where someone said that banners with four ties were fakes because the real ones had three but this isn't true. The majority of fanfare banners in period photos do indeed have three as you know but a period catalogue by the firm of Winkler in Dresden for example shows that they made HJ fanfare banners with four ties. I also have a period photo showing two DJ fanfare players whose banners show only two ties. Period photos show a huge variety in these banners. Yours looks nice.

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    Thanks for the info Gary. I have several pictures with 4 ties on a single sig rune trumpet banner, so I have no doubt that it's period, and the construction/fabric is "correct" I have another one in the post, this one has a single sig rune, but the fringe border, and the ties have black and white alternate strands. It's not here yet, (stuck in the post) but when it does arrive, I'll post some pictures

    Thanks again

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