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    OMG its true, good to know. That is a real master class.

    Thank you!

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    outstanding discussion and information learning much

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    I do not know if Winkler removed this listing from his offers but he should.

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    One of our members has contacted history shop about the drum and has passed them a link to this thread.

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    the member reports that replied to his message and stated that they would look into our information on this drum. Sixteen days have passed since then and the drum is still up for sale and is still described as a DJ drum. The member says that he sent a new message to historyshop today asking how their investigations were going.

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    I am the member who is talking to historyshop on this drum. I can read from their answer that they don't care too much and they don't believe that this is the DJO design on that drum. Someone who works there answered my emails but he don't believe me. I showed him the scan from Christian's book and told him that the DJO was not in existence until 1951. He said that I should know the exact date if I ma to be taken seriously.. Has he heard of Google?! I would say to history shop, look at the drum, look at the DJO emblem. That is all you need to know. If this design is a "Bannzeichen" like historyshop says then they should also provide evidence I think. Anyway theis guy said he will show Herr Winkler my emails. I will report any new information.

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    Did they ever get back to you on this Trommeller?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Garry View Post
    Did they ever get back to you on this Trommeller?
    Hi Garry, no they did not. Customer care? Fehlanzeige!

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    They are too busy sending out the "Grand, Last, Final, Never to be Repeated, Discount" emails. Good lord the spam from that guy is unreal.

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