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    Now now guys lets not be to hasty in our judgement.I am sure this is the same dealer who sold me a authetic HJ iPod,so it has to be good:tongue_smilie:

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    Jumpin jiminy christmas what a pile of manure. I guess this goes with the ultra rare
    inflatable squeaky hammer.

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    no prob gar here it is::

    Extremely rare Hitler Youth Hatchet and Screwdriver and Hammer combination.
    9 inches long with a 5 inch head. Cast iron with vintage Silver paint and head is marked Soligen Germany on one side.

    Comes with leather protector that has a belt loop on one side. The belt loop is marked Germany and has a
    stamp into the leather (not ink). Condition near excellent as shown.

    Price - $1499.99

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    Hope these are real ive just brought a box of them off a fella called Artur AXEmann:laugh:

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    Cheers Stu. Unbelievable.... He probably thinks it's perfectly okay to describe it like that because actually he hasn't told a single lie. It is just as he describes it... We could probably argue with his use of the word rare though. He should have used unique. Unless of course he knocked up 5 more like this in his garden shed. That way even 'rare' would be correct...

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    Just saw this theread and couldnt stop laughing. he,he,he...

    Jaysus... what's next? This question will be sure shortly answered.



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    Imagine if you went to a mate's house and after dinner, cognac in hand they show you this as if it is an artifact. Oh I'd be spittin Hennessy everywhere :001_tt2:

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    seen one of them before sold a HJ a while ago on egay and the chap sent me his stash to show off, he had one of these HJ hatchets i didnt want to ruin his day and send him a photo of all mine neeeeeeee.... to think of the crap some people actually invest in, item changes hands and what they show off to people.... crazy

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    I just found this post. Awsome.

    What a pathetic copy.

    My Original HJ combo tool has a philips head........

    This is great enterntainment.


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    what no cork screw has to be a dud then

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