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    My new Hitler Youth items

    yesterday i bought these new HJ items
    flute and fanfare are from the same person
    the silver (coated) fanfare is a very rare one, its for left handed people, it has also beautifull stamps/markings
    the flute has also very beautifull stamps/markings on it
    the brass fanfare has the "sheet music stand" ( i hope i said it right) with very vaque rzm marking
    the drum also in original case with original drum sticks and drum holder


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    Interesting set of items. The emblem on the Querpfeife (pics 8 and 9) is imperial so I would think that this instrument predates the HJ. G.H. Hüller started the business towards the end of the 19th century so that works. Who is the manufacturer of the leather strap? I can't quite make it out. Are there any maker marks on the Fanfare?

    The Marschtrommel should be red/white as I'm sure you know. Do you know where the original owner lived?

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    Hello Garry
    Thank you for compliment
    i took some new photo's of leather strap for you but i really cant see who is the manufacturer, maybe you see something
    the silver fanfare only has markings wich i show in the pictures, the brass/ copper doesnt have any
    the marschtrommel i also thought it was red/white but i was told that it was depending on the area where the person lived
    the items come from Austria, thats where the owner lives, he has a beautifull flag (HJ) also but he had to think about it if he would sell it
    i will sent the person i bought it from a email to find out wich area exectly he was living ok



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    Here is also a silver fanfare from a auction, al the items in this action were from the same person

    Nazi camping gear, dagger and Hitler Youth member's diary go up for auction | Daily Mail Online

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    ok here some more info i just got
    the ekm is an example, its not from the same person i bought items from and i dont have this in my collection
    but its number 29 on it, exectly like on the fanfare
    look how the numbers are exactly stampt in ekm as in fanfare

    dogtag HJ 29 oberdonau.jpgHJ 29 oberdonau.jpg

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    Thanks for the pics of the strap. The company is Prothmann & Wobeser. I see it listed in the 1891 Berlin address book as being a company that made military items ("Militär-Effekte"). The address was Alte Jacob Strasse 5, Berlin. So, probably another imperial item that was reused by the HJ.

    The fact that he comes from Austria makes sense of the stamp on the fanfare. That "HJ 29" could then logically be "HJ Gebiet 29 Oberdonau". HJ drums were red/white but green/white might suggest some connection to the Steirischer Heimatbund? Or, the drum was repainted after the war or, or... :) Difficult to know.

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    Ah, we were writing at the same time :) Yes, I agree about the stamp.

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    thanks Garry for telling me about the company, i really dind't see it
    i always love to know everything about an item i buy
    The person i bought it from told me exact the same you told me, the drum's where original red/white painted from factory but handly repainted for different area's
    Your right, its always difficult to know but it's old and i believe the person who i bought it from so i know its not a reproduction/fake

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    No problem :) I haven't read anywhere that regional colours were used on HJ drums but certainly from 1933 the colours were definitely red/white across the board. I guess we'll never know why the drum is green/white but I don't believe for a second that anything you show in post #1 is fake. Does the fanfare have any other markings other than "HJ 29"?

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    no thats the only 2 stamps i can see on it :-)

    Tomorow i go to a big militairy sell out in belgium, la gleize. I hope to find some special things there
    if i do i will post them here offcourse :-)

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