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Thread: NPEA dog tag

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    NPEA dog tag


    I have bought this dog tag from
    Backnang on and I would like to know your opinions.
    I think the critic is good when it is constructive.
    plaque d'identification
    plaque d'identification 2.jpg

    Best regards


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    Hi Eric,

    I know nothing about these so you'll have to forgive my ignorance. I assume that it is documented that these were issued to

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    Hello Garry,

    I have no information about this item.
    I do not have the chance to know a former pupil of these elite schools who is still alive.....!

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    Have you posted this on WAF, as there are a couple guys there who are very knowledgeable on dog tags . This is the first one I have ever seen or heard of to the

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    I have an example neuzelle
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