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    Reiter HJ Y-straps?

    I recently bought these Y-straps, which are in my opinion very interesting.
    They are quite a small size, and have a small swastika on one of the hooks. No other markings I could see.
    On one of my reference book (believe Littlejohn) I read that Reiter HJ used to wear Y-straps. Could be this the case?

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    They did wear Y-straps Matt. I spent ages trying to find a picture and tried Google as a last resort :)
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    Hello Garry
    there is a nice picture also on Youth Lead By Youth Vol.2, page 45 :)

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    Damn :) I sold my copies earlier on in the year as I thought I had enough books but every now and again I wish I hadn't let them go.

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    here we are garry
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    Thanks Matt

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    these do turn up from time to time, i posted a set under the belt/buckle section.

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