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    Or maybe the collector that's selling it needs to sell, after all Peter does not set the prices, the collector does :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by John Brandon View Post
    ..... after all Peter does not set the prices, the collector does :)
    Not true.
    I just watched a huge grouping of
    tinnies that were sent to Peter get listed for S T U P I D prices. The guy who consigned them also told me that he found the prices very high!
    and would talk to Peter about that.....

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    Examples: I sent a screen shot of it to the collector 2 years ago when it was offered on the Hobby (he bought it), and i dont believe it was the collector that suddenly wants one thousand more for it now.. (maybe i am wrong)
    The Collector's Guild

    Another, marked SOLD at 400 dollars? A tinnie you find all the time for under 100 by the way. The Collector's Guild
    Another, 300? really? I could have picked one up last month for 60 on a US dealers site. AND it too, is marked sold. The Collector's Guild

    I dont believe anything i read or see on that site, and i certainly dont believe that the "cosigner sets the price"

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    I got confirmation from Lefima that the drum shown in Jo's post earlier in the thread is indeed post-war. Lefima says that it is most likely 1970s production. The seller wasn't trying to deceive anyone in my opinion and I hope that he is able to reach a deal with the guy he got it from.

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    he should give it to collectors guild post haste ..

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    He's probably wishing he had now...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Garry View Post
    He's probably wishing he had now...
    Still can, dont think that Collectors Guild actually reads forums....
    I would certainly give it to collectors guild, just not on commission, do him a deal to cover the initial costs and then do a Houdini

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    Well that's ethical Joe! People ALWAYS complain about dealers. By saying that you're just as bad. I did e mail him to tell him. But apparently I'm not being nice 😅

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    Where money and pride are the key players, there can be no ethics. A drum Roll if you please.........
    Of course i was taking the peas. No matter how you serve up an exposure of a fake, it will never be met well.
    The one left holding the hot potato is never going to take it with a stuff upper lip.

    He`ll probably come after you now on the forums. Forever! Or start his own hate blog about you. He`ll start hosting videos about it, with a long drum roll intro and frantic marching throughout. Gnashing of teeth and beating of chests.
    Is it not his own fault, though, for not really researching what he was acquiring? I dont mean this drum case exactly, but with other items, you can do the research for them, present them with the facts that they should have collected in the beginning, showing them the actual truth, and then they go all Johnny English on you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by John Brandon View Post
    I saw the discussion on WAF, it's still for sale, and still for sale on War Relics Forum, and on his website, although I did message him, I did not get a reply :)
    It is still for sale on the WAR RELICS FORUM Hitler Youth Landknechttrommel Large Drum - Militaria Collectibles buy - sell at War Relics
    I found it by chance when i saw another fake listed for sale for $625.- ! (That $625.- fake sold btw)

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