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    Advice on these Jungvolk and BDM pennants please

    Ive got a chance of getting these two banners , could i have your thoughts on them Real or not? they look cottage made and not in the best of condition,

    cheers steve

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    taking into account I do not have these in hand, I find them very odd in both style and manufacture. And was the white dove not a symbol of the anti nazi youth group ?


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    Thanks again paul , i learn something new all the time


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    Remember Steve I am not condeming these but would have to have them in hand and much due diligence would be required. Will be interested in other comments as we do have at least one flag collector on board here


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    I have to agree with what Paul has said and further the soiling appears to be conviently placed IMHO.Cloth is difficult to judge when,as Paul stated,its not in hand to really examine.

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    These are indeed difficult to judge without having them in hand,this said IMO i don't like the ''BDM''embroidery looks like a sloppy job it could be however homemade but even then i would expect a better job on the embroidery.This is just my opinion on the banner,i can't comment on the other one though by the photos provided.

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    I've seen some shoddy looking homemade banners, but it's hard to tell without actually hands on close inspection. I would not buy one like this without a thumbs up from the likes of Jeff Hammond, Bob Coleman, or Wim.

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    Thanks for the imput fellas ,im going to pass on these

    Thanks again steve

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