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    Any thoughts on this Banner

    I have a chance to purchase this banner, and wasn't sure what it is exactly, and what value range would be reasonable?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Doug, do you have any pictures of this laid out so both sides are clearly visible? The stitching looks pretty good from the two pictures, but more overally shots would help a lot.

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    Sorry Darin. That's the only pic I have right now. If I can swing the purchase price, I'll be able to get some better shots. Just not sure what I should pay.

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    Looks like a Landjahr banner to judge by it's colour but we need better photos Doug stitching looks aky from the photos

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    impossible to give a from one pic that does not show the entire piece, you need a pic of both sides complete view plus a few close up pics, pointless given a value you then buy it only to find its a fake one

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