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    No I'm out I have seen nothing like that as a banner before. I am new at this as well and goes without saying I have only seen what has been photographed.

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    Swallow tail type early pennant for the DJ. Blue and white could indicate Bavaria possibly. Need better photos to make a call if it appears good or not for me. Not super rare pennants but I would value higher than a standard triangular later style wimpel.

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    This pattern is the pre-1935 DJ Fähnlein Wimpel. They were replaced in that year by the large rectangular Fähnlein flag with the unit number in the top left corner. The emblem may be a town crest as this was a common practice at the time but other emblems were also used. You may be able to find the location by browsing this useful site.

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    Bavaria it is not, as they used the checkered blue and white normally.
    Town or area colors it will be.

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    thanks everyone for the assistance, what would the value of something like this be? I dont want to offer 600 if it is a 500 piece or offer 800 if it is a 600 piece. Thanks again, this is a great page.

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    I sold one 2 years ago the same - but without the town on the reverse - something is worth what someone wants to pay for it - If it's worth 2k to you - then that is what you will pay likewise it might only be worth £100 to you - The forum is not the place to ask for values - only for showing - and if authentic :)

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    Yeah, pricing these things is difficult. I would think somewhere like 300 to 400US.

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