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    Bann 239 Burgdorf Gebiet Nord Nordsee "Cloth-item"

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    That font and the fact that it appears to have been hastily printed/stencilled onto the fabric isn't making me think of a flag Alois. I have no idea what it might be. Did the seller mention anything about it?

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    239 cloth

    Hello Garry,
    the seller know nothing about this cloth-item.
    Best Regards

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    The 3 looks fine to me.
    The 9, well I could live with it.
    But the 2 (at least I think it is a 2) looks way off.
    Has anyone ever seen a 2 written this way anywhere?
    May it be HJ connected or elsewhere?
    I have not seen it before.
    The 9 looks a bit bauhaus influenced to me.
    Just my thoughts. Nothing definite.

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    for me it is definitly HJ from Bann 239 Burgdorf, it comes with this paper on the picture and with other items from Bann 77 Celle-Burgdorf.
    But was is used on a unit-flag ? Or whatelse ?
    Best Regards
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