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    Bayonet style Hitler Youth Flag Pole Top


    Does this Pole Top look good? If so, what are these going for? It's an marked RZM M3/27. Thanks for your help

    Top1.jpg top2.jpg

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    it's ok for me !
    Best regards

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    looks good to me, i know darin sold one so he might be able to help you with cost

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    Darin, you out there? I hear you know a thing or two about these...

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    I'm here. I sold one about a year ago but it was in much worse shape than this one for around 200 USD. Sort of a package deal with a DJ Fahnlienfahne that I was selling. I think in this condition the 500 USD range is not out of reality if a collector wants one badly enough.

    This one looks good to me and the condition is very nice.

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    Thanks everyone for your help. Item has been purchased and I can now take it off my "wish list"

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    rzm m3/27 Schmidt Söhne J.H Isarlohen

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