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    BDM Mädelgruppe 11/13 pennant. Can't be authentic surely?!

    I just saw this on another forum and it got comments like

    "No question as to this piece A fine period original wimpel"

    "Agree. It is an original

    "A Good one"

    Well, no clips, a strange white band running down where the clips should be, completely different number stitching to standard versions and something wierd going on with the cloth... This isn't a pennant that should elicit responses like the above - is it? When I looked at it I justt thought WTH is that?

    1113.jpg 1113_2.jpg 1133_2.jpg

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    Numerals are not standard that's for sure.

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    Yes, definitely an oddity. Would be useful to know its size. Here's a BDM pennant which would probably not get a good reception if it turned up today but which proves that flag/pennant oddities did exist:

    Late BdM pennant that looks like a pre-RZM version - BdM-Mädelgruppe 2/837 Lippstadt

    However, the 11/13 would be a little toooo odd for me personally. I would give it a miss.

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