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    BDM pennant with Wolfsangel and huge printed diamond

    what do you fellas think about this double sided pennant,i posted a question last week about printed third reich items,as this pennant has a centre printed swastika on cotton pennant,its got a re-inforced tip & is well made.
    i think the origional may have been damaged & the swastika replaced,or maybe its just the way it was made,.it has a Wolfsangel rune on this double sided pennant.
    i have not done a UV light test as i dont have a UV light.,anyway i would appretiate any comments,cheers

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    would need some better pictures of the reinforcing aswell as the stitching around the diamond center, the clips etc printed swastikas are not the problem its the fully printed examples that is!

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    more pics of pennant

    more pics of pennant
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    the material looks okay but this needs a hands on inspection, so take it to a show or a known expert/collector and get a hands on opinion. The source of this is normally extremely reliable so there is a very high probability it is okay.

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    That is one ugly huge diamond. I have to say that this alone would put me off the pennant

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    I do not like the quality of the black and white stiching.
    But I do not have this one in hand.

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