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    BIG HJ Diamond... Help!

    Hello flag/banner guru's.. I am a dagger guy in my expertise would you help me with info on this HJ piece I found at a local Antiques store? It is quite large as that is a ten dollar bill next to it in the pic.. (its around 4 foot tall!) all pieces are separate, sewn together, every different color and all the black edging around the diamond outer and inner. I should have took a pic of the back (and I can go back and get one if you like) as all the seams are shown and that side is not meant to be seen. I assume it was trimmed off a huge banner? The black edges are unique looking to me.. What do you think?? Best, Kevin.

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    new pics for details and back side..
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    It appears to possibly be trimmed from a decorative banner like those seen hanging at events and lagers.

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    As you guys say, must be from a decorative banner. Definitely not an "issued" item that would appear in the regulations but I like it. Great display item.

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