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    Black BDM and JM Wimpel pennants

    I was asked about the black pennants so here's some information on them.


    In 1933 there were three official black pennants used by both the BDM and JM. The first (and smallest) of these was the BDM-Mädelschar / Jungmädelschar pennant. Its appearance can be seen in the above picture. As can be seen, the reverse side of the pennant has a different design and this was permitted by the order. The next pennant was employed at the BDM-Mädelring / JM-Ring level and its size was 60x100cm. Again, the reverse side could have a freely chosen design, for example a Wolfsangel. The highest-level pennant was for the Untergau (100x150cm). This pennant had the cloth diamond on black on both sides and additionally, the Untergau name in chain-stitching.

    On the 21st of March 1935, new regulations governing BDM/JM pennants were introduced. From this point on, only the JM used black pennants. The BDM used red/white/red. The regulation stipulated that the formations of Mädelring and Mädelschar were no longer authorised to carry a pennant so the pennants now in force were:



    A post 1935 JM-Gruppe pennant:
    3 203.jpg

    and its equivalent in the BDM:
    22 310.jpg

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    Excellent info Garry cheers refreshes the memory a bit that !

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    No probs Ewan :)

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    thx for the Info, wasn't aware that also the colors of the pennants had different meanings (JM / BDM) so learned something new.
    That is what makes collecting this stuff interesting (up to today I do not own one flag nor a pennant) you never will know it all.

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