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    Black Deutsches Jungvolk pennant with "Fahnlein 43"

    Hi, I have just joined this site and as you can see from my very unoriginal title am a complete novice. My purpose for joining is to ask if any member knows the answer to the following?
    My late father served on HMS Kempthorne and was present at Loch Alsh when on 11th May 1945 a number of uboats surrendered. After many months of investigation I have established that a photograph taken at the time is of Kptlt. Olaf Lubcke of U-826; this is important as my father identified him as the person who he met and who gave him a pennant that I still have. I would like to know more about the origins and the history of the pennant and would be grateful if anyone couls assist.

    The pennant is the normal triangular shape, 85cm long and 35cm wide approx. On one side and in the centre is a red prancing griffin, black and white stripes going to the point of the pennant and a black and white chequered pattern at the other end. The reverse side is black with white wording 'Fahnlein 43' and the familiar insignia emblem.

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    Would really like to see the wimpel, it sounds very nice from your description.

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    Thanks for your reply but I am not sure I know how to send an image.

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    I've just found this thread. Here's a quick "how to" on posting pictures Malthouse. I hope that you'll be able to post some pictures of this pennant.

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